Monday, November 28, 2011

"Casual Birth"

Today we rode our bikes all over Oakland to post xerox posters for our show coming up December 17th at Jam City.  We totally scored on San Pablo Ave near downtown toward the end of our rounds.  A crew had just finished pasting Lady Gaga posters on an abandoned building and we were able to slap our posters all up in their wet mess. Cheers! Made us wish we knew their schedule...

anyhow, before hand I discovered that Vanessa had a stock pile of our cdr version of "Casual Birth" that we put out for one of our short tours.  jewel cases and all!
the tape version has 2 recording sessions. One by us and one by that one guy.  He got real stoned, left the tape deck unmanned and drenched it with too much reverb so we didn't include it on the CDR.  So for completists (if our band has any out there) you gotta get the tape to hear those versions.  We don't have any but a couple of distros do.  I am sure some stores in Florida still have copies.
"Casual Birth" was recorded January of 2010.

here is a link to casual birth:

it will make its way to the discography section
did you know we had that?
it's over there to the left!
you can download everything we've released for free from it!

come to our show in december!

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