Thursday, May 10, 2012

July Tour

We are touring with Super Sonic Piss to the pacific north west in July:

stay tuned for more details!

scroll down to order new tape!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

the agony bay

the "trapped in reality" world tour was an amazing experience for sister fucker. we would like to thank everyone that helped us out with shows, places to crash, food, great conversation and moral support. we made 200 cassette tapes of our new album and sold quite a few of them... we still have a handful left. Since we will not be playing any shows for awhile you can choose to mail order a copy from us (the cassette is 5 dollars plus shipping costs):

shipping options...

Friday, April 27, 2012


the trapped in reality tour blog is HERE
 it is constantly being updated with awesome photos and videos.

this is our discography page with downloads it does not have the new album yet HERE

email us at if you are interested in mail order. the new tape is running out fast!

 We are homeward bound ya'll!!! check out the dates on the face book event page in the post below

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

us tour!

we've been documenting the tour pretty heavily with pix and video... will hopefully be posting more current videos soon... for now check this oldie out:
check out our remaining dates here on facebook come out and bring your friends!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


we are playing in Kansas city yall!
plus our show in st louis got cancelled but we are trying to get something confirmed in colombia mo....
our show at the train yard got cancelled if anyone could help out with us in that area please contact us! check our shit out on the link in the post below at the facebook link .... that will prolly be more updated frequently than this blog currently.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

April 2012 US Tour

currently we are having trouble with our website. for some reason our entire side bar decided to dissapear even though it is um... totally there when I look at it on my end. it had links to free downloads. they will be back up or I will respost links soon. we'll figure it out and post photos from tour etc. meanwhile scroll down and there will be older posts about downloads and our new cassette album! this is a link to our 2011 cdr demo a.k.a. "California" it has demos of some of the songs on the new cassette album.

 here are our dates:

3/30/2012 Oakland- the new Goss Street house featuring Prison Library, relay for death, and Cops
4/1/2012 Bakersfield- 829 Oleander
4/2/2012 Los Angeles-Pehrspace !!!!!
S/W CORNER of MILL AND SOUTHERN with sacred followers and mangled men
4/4/2012 Albuquerque- Small Engine Gallery
4/5/2012 los alamos- los alamos TEEEN CENTER
4/6/2012 Lubbock- Art Walk Poetry slam! More info TBA
4/7/2012 AUSTIN Space Plantation (12th and Airport) early show
4/8/2012 nola-The Bakery
4/9/2012 pensacola- 309 House
4/10/2012 atlanta-TBA
4/11/2012 n.carolina- Night Light
4/12/2012 baltimore- Tribal haus
4/13/2012 nyc- tandem bar in bushwick
4/14/2012 boston-54 Franklin st
4/15/2012 maine-TBA
4/16/2012 providence-empire black box theater w Daily Life and Tracey Trance
4/17/2012 philly- JR"s (22nd and passyunk in west philly) with death rattle and drugstore
4/18/2012 nyc- Death by Audio
4/19/2012 pittsburgh- TBA
4/20/2012 cincinatti- 4341 Kirby Ave
4/21/2012 chicago- Mortville with box and more tba
4/22/2012 minneapolis- Medusa
4/23/2012 iowa city- TBA (with Super Sonic Piss!!!!!)
4/24/2012 st louis- TBA
4/25/2012 kansas city/ lawrence- HELP!!!!
4/26/2012 ok city-- 31 street House w/ C.H.U.D. !!!!!
4/27/2012 denton- TBA
4/28/2012 las cruces--Train Yard
4/29/2012 albq/ santa fe-??
4/30/2012 Flagstaff-TBA
5/1/2012 LA- The Smell
5/2/2012 San Francisco- El Rio

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sister Fucker presents: "A Commitment To Excellence"

Is That Your Face

Mind Binding

this is our new cassette tape album! FULL LENGTH!

TOO BRUTAL TOO INSANE FOR ANY OTHER FORMAT!!!!!!!!! this is NOT available on Vinyl on Compact Disc or as downloadable MP3's!!!!!!

so do yourself a favor and order one from us today!

5 dollars plus shipping. or just 5 dollars in person.

Wanna know if we plan on coming to your town??

go here to our facebook US Tour event and tell everyone in the world that you are going to see the most amazing tour ever!!!!! THIS JUST IN! WE TITLED OUR TOUR "TRAPPED IN REALITY" AND WE MADE A TOUR T SHIRT TO COMMEMORATE OUR SAID OCCURANCES.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Preview of new album...

these 2 songs will be on our next cassette album

Is That Your Face

Mind Binding

Friday, December 2, 2011


Forced Into Feminity, Displeasure, Sister Fucker, Slime Queen @ Jam City 7th and Peralta December 16th, 2011 flyer by Vanessa Harris

Monday, November 28, 2011

"Casual Birth"

Today we rode our bikes all over Oakland to post xerox posters for our show coming up December 17th at Jam City.  We totally scored on San Pablo Ave near downtown toward the end of our rounds.  A crew had just finished pasting Lady Gaga posters on an abandoned building and we were able to slap our posters all up in their wet mess. Cheers! Made us wish we knew their schedule...

anyhow, before hand I discovered that Vanessa had a stock pile of our cdr version of "Casual Birth" that we put out for one of our short tours.  jewel cases and all!
the tape version has 2 recording sessions. One by us and one by that one guy.  He got real stoned, left the tape deck unmanned and drenched it with too much reverb so we didn't include it on the CDR.  So for completists (if our band has any out there) you gotta get the tape to hear those versions.  We don't have any but a couple of distros do.  I am sure some stores in Florida still have copies.
"Casual Birth" was recorded January of 2010.

here is a link to casual birth:

it will make its way to the discography section
did you know we had that?
it's over there to the left!
you can download everything we've released for free from it!

come to our show in december!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

one night only

Sorry dooders... but this show has been canceled. stayed tuned for news on a possible show in mid December.

pay attention!
1145 65th street Oakland/Emeryville, CA

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sister Fucker "California" tour cdr download

Sister Fucker's 2011 tour cdr. aka "California"
recorded onto 4 tracks @ 21 Grand & Huffin House in late 2010 and early 2011 by the band
track list:
1. Killer Incense
2. A Dog's Life
3. Wet With Hate
4. Women And Children
5. Torres Gemelas
6. Glass Gauntlet
7. Because The Night
8. Sadistic Butcher
9. Movin' Out

tracks 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7 were recently re-recorded in addition to other newer songs for upcoming full length. track 4 alternate version also on "Gods Work" tape. track 9 alternate version on "Casual Birth" tape. tracks 6 & 8 confined to this release.



Monday, October 31, 2011

2 shows.

11-3-11 @ Port of Oaklland 7pm w/Gun Outfit INFO
11-8-11 @ Purple House w/ Rind INFO