Saturday, March 31, 2012

April 2012 US Tour

currently we are having trouble with our website. for some reason our entire side bar decided to dissapear even though it is um... totally there when I look at it on my end. it had links to free downloads. they will be back up or I will respost links soon. we'll figure it out and post photos from tour etc. meanwhile scroll down and there will be older posts about downloads and our new cassette album! this is a link to our 2011 cdr demo a.k.a. "California" it has demos of some of the songs on the new cassette album.

 here are our dates:

3/30/2012 Oakland- the new Goss Street house featuring Prison Library, relay for death, and Cops
4/1/2012 Bakersfield- 829 Oleander
4/2/2012 Los Angeles-Pehrspace !!!!!
S/W CORNER of MILL AND SOUTHERN with sacred followers and mangled men
4/4/2012 Albuquerque- Small Engine Gallery
4/5/2012 los alamos- los alamos TEEEN CENTER
4/6/2012 Lubbock- Art Walk Poetry slam! More info TBA
4/7/2012 AUSTIN Space Plantation (12th and Airport) early show
4/8/2012 nola-The Bakery
4/9/2012 pensacola- 309 House
4/10/2012 atlanta-TBA
4/11/2012 n.carolina- Night Light
4/12/2012 baltimore- Tribal haus
4/13/2012 nyc- tandem bar in bushwick
4/14/2012 boston-54 Franklin st
4/15/2012 maine-TBA
4/16/2012 providence-empire black box theater w Daily Life and Tracey Trance
4/17/2012 philly- JR"s (22nd and passyunk in west philly) with death rattle and drugstore
4/18/2012 nyc- Death by Audio
4/19/2012 pittsburgh- TBA
4/20/2012 cincinatti- 4341 Kirby Ave
4/21/2012 chicago- Mortville with box and more tba
4/22/2012 minneapolis- Medusa
4/23/2012 iowa city- TBA (with Super Sonic Piss!!!!!)
4/24/2012 st louis- TBA
4/25/2012 kansas city/ lawrence- HELP!!!!
4/26/2012 ok city-- 31 street House w/ C.H.U.D. !!!!!
4/27/2012 denton- TBA
4/28/2012 las cruces--Train Yard
4/29/2012 albq/ santa fe-??
4/30/2012 Flagstaff-TBA
5/1/2012 LA- The Smell
5/2/2012 San Francisco- El Rio

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